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Welcome to Ale Perez' Creative Services. We are a company located in South Florida and we provide Graphic Design, Web Design, Fine Arts, Video Production and Content Creation Services. We bring to you over 17 years of experience creating and crafting print and digital experiences. During this time our core design skills of composition, typography, photography, balance and color have been refined and developed to a high level. By combining engaging ideas with strategic thinking and through simple beautiful designs we provide benefit to our clients.

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Take Stock in Children Media Kit
NewsMax Magazine. Golf Pages
The Colony Golf & Bay Club. Master Brochure
Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa Booklet
WCI Corporate ad
WCI Corporate ad
WCI Corporate ad
WCI Corporate ad


Art of the Olympians. Web Design
Banana Bay. Web Design
Take Stock In Children. Web Design
Florida Weddings. Web Design


El Mito. Painting
Untitled. Painting
Butterfly. Mix Media
Reflection. Mix Media. Digital Collage
Golden Rule. Mix Media. Digital Collage
El Viaje. Mix media. Digital Collage
Narciso. Mix Media. Digital Collage
Tempano. Mix Media. Digital Collage
Abduction. Mix Media. Digital Collage
Descubriendote. Mix Media. Digital Collage
The Cry. Mix Media
El Soñador. Painting
Viajera. Painting

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